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Shedding Pampas Grass Hack

Pampas Grass is one of the most popular interior design trends right now. If you’ve decorated with these adorable fluffy stems, you‘ve probably noticed that the slightest movements can cause them to shed. I knew I needed to find a solution when a small gust from the vaccum caused little pieces of grass to float in the air and land all over the living room pillows & blankets. I tried out Stiffen Stuff to eliminate the shedding and ✨voila ✨ PROBLEM SOLVED!

If you own (or want to own) Pampas Grass you NEED to try this hack!


● Pampas Grass


1. Spray Stiffen Stuff directly onto Pampas Grass to eliminate shedding. Hold the product 5-10 inches away from grass. For best results, spray one stem of pampas grass at a time.


● Spray and dry outside. Mild to warm temperatures will work best.

● Finished Pampas Grass stems look best displayed in a tall vase. Vase height shown is 14 inches.

This project was done as a paid partnership with Beacon Adhesives. Use code CAROLINE20 for 20% off all craft glues at

Photography: Simply Picturesque

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