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Updated: Sep 9, 2021

I’ve been seeing round beaded mirrors everywhere and I’ve been itching to buy a few! I found the perfect beaded mirror at West Elm but it was $200. Since home decor trends are ever changing, I‘ve found it helpful to only invest in timeless pieces. That way I can experiment with popular interior design styles with throw pillows, picture frames, or mirrors that are less expensive and easier to switch out if needed!

I always think back to my hot pink & zebra themed college bedroom as reference on how something that’s “in” can be CRINGY years later. Although I can’t see these mirrors going out of style anytime soon, $200 per mirror seemed steep for something especially trendy.

I decided to try and create my own DIY round beaded mirrors and I absolutely love how this project turned out. Keep scrolling to see how easy this is!


*42 beads used for 12 inch mirror


Step 1: Apply a pea sized amount of Quick Grip glue to the center of the flat side of the bead.

Step 2: Place the flat side of the bead directly onto the mirror while glue is still wet. Gently press the bead down to secure it on to the mirror.

Step 3: Repeat this process until the border of the mirror is covered with wooden beads.

Style without hanging!

I used the mirror as bookshelf decor by propping it up on a gold easel from Hobby Lobby. I made another mirror and used it as a “tray” on a side table!


● Start with a small amount of Quick Grip and add more glue if needed. A little product goes a long way.

● Spacing between the beads depends on the size of the mirror and the beads. Place beads on the mirror prior to gluing to establish spacing and how many beads to use.

● When there are 5-10 beads left to glue, lay the beads out on the mirror where you plan to glue them. This will best determine spacing for the remaining blank space on the mirror.

● Clean the mirror with the glass cleaner of your choice prior to gluing down the beads.

● For an easy display option, lay the mirror down flat as a reflective tray or prop it up with a table top easel.

● To hang, take an unfinished wood circle that is the same dimensions of the mirror and glue the wood circle to the back of the mirror. Insert hanging hook to the wood side of the mirror.

This project was done as a paid partnership with Beacon Adhesives. Use code CAROLINE20 for 20% off all craft glues at

Photography: Simply Picturesque

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