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DIY Balloon Ice Cream Cones

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

DIY Ice Cream Balloon Craft

Is there anything sweeter than a Sundae Funday Party? I’ve been eying this party theme for quite some time and the end of summer felt like the ideal opportunity to design a stlyed shoot inspired by my favorite sweet treat! These DIY Ice Cream Cones can stand alone, be propped in a vase for tabletop decor, or placed in the gaps of a balloon garland.


1 White Balloon (5-inch size)

1 Red or Pink Craft Pom Pom (1-inch size)

1 Waffle Cone

Hand-Held Air Balloon Pump


Step 1:

Blow up balloon using hand-held air balloon pump.  Before tying the balloon, place it in the opening of the waffle cone to ensure it’s small enough to fit inside of the cone.

Step 2:

 Line inside opening of the waffle cone with Felt Glue.

Step 3:

Place inflated balloon inside of the waffle cone.  Hold it gently for 10 seconds to secure balloon to the glue.

Step 4:

Line the outside rim of the waffle cone with Felt Glue.

Step 5:

Pour sprinkles onto the glue on the waffle cone rim.

Step 6:

Squeeze Felt Glue onto the top of the balloon and gently rub in the glue with your finger in a circle motion.

Step 7:

Pour Sprinkle Pop Shop sprinkles onto the wet glue on the balloon top.

Step 8:

Place a dollop of Power-Tac on the sprinkled balloon top and place craft pom pom on the wet Power-Tac. Gently press down to secure the “cherry.”

Step 9:

Let your cones dry overnight.

This craft was designed as a paid partnership with Sprinkle Pop Shop and Beacon Adhesives.

Please note this craft is not edible and to be used for decor purposes only. :)


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