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DIY Pearl Barrette

This DIY craft is for all the hair accessory lovers! Jump on the pearl barrette trend by creating your own in TWO easy steps. Use pearls. crystals, gems, or even mini disco balls for a pop of sparkle.



1. Apply Beacon Power-Tac Adhesive to the top of the alligator clip.

2. Place each bead (one at a time) onto the adhesive. Gently press down on each bead to secure. Dry overnight.


  • Utilize ArtBin containers for optimal organization.

  • Hold open the alligator clip when applying glue to prevent gluing the clip shut.

This project was done as a paid partnership with Halcraft, ArtBin, and Beacon Adhesives. Use code CAROLINE20 for 20% off ALL craft glues at Exclusions Apply.

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