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DIY Glue Resist Tie Dye Napkins

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Bring the tie dye trend to your dinner table by customizing cloth napkins with glue and your favorite colored dye! Draw numbers to highlight a loved one's birthday or graduation year, initials to celebrate a couple tying the knot, or shapes to represent an upcoming holiday or theme.



1. Take a dry, pre-washed 20 x 20 100% cotton napkin and lay on flat surface.

2. Draw designs or shapes on napkin with Beacon Felt Glue.

3. Keep napkin laying flat and let glue dry for 12+ hours.

4. Pour Rit Dye into spray bottle.

5. Once glue shapes are completely dry, spray on one layer of dye and let dry for 12+ hours.

6. Rinse out napkin in sink until water runs clear and rub off the layer of glue.

7. Put in washer on gentle, cold cycle.

8. Air dry and iron or steam to remove any remaining wrinkles.

9. Use napkins for any formal or casual celebration!

Tips & Tricks:

  • Remove wrinkles from the napkin prior to applying glue.

  • For a broad brush stroke finish, dip a fine detail paint brush into Beacon felt glue and paint design onto fabric.

    • For reference, the napkin with rainbow shapes was created with a paint brush (dye is Petal Pink) and the more defined geometric shapes napkin was done pouring glue straight from the Felt Glue bottle (dye is Fuchsia)

  • Approximately 2 oz of dye was used for each napkin.

This project was done as a paid partnership with Rit Dye and Beacon Adhesives. Use code CAROLINE20 for 20% off ALL craft glues at Exclusions Apply.

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