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DIY Custom Cake Topper

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

DIY Custom Cake Topper

This DIY cake topper is sparkly, easy, and quick enough to pull off as a last minute addition to any celebration. Customize this craft with using alphabet letter stickers to add a name, number, or fun saying to your balloon. Follow along below to learn how to create your own!


Beacon Adhesives Zip Dry Beacon Multi-Purpose Adhesive Spray Pink Ballon – 5″ size Balloon Air Inflator Pink Paper Straw Pink Glitter Alphabet Stickers


Step 1: Pump up the balloon to a 2 inch size using an air inflator.

Step 2: Tie the balloon to the top end of the paper straw.

Step 3: Spritz Beacon Multi-Purpose Adhesive Spray on the entire surface of the balloon.

Step 4: Sprinkle glitter onto the balloon.

Step 5: Use Beacon Zip Dry to attach your desired alphabet stickers to the balloon.

Step 6: Insert topper into cake balloon side up.

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