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5 Reasons Why The NoMo Soho is one of NYC's Dreamiest Destinations

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

5 Reasons Why The NoMo Soho is One of NYC's Dreamiest Destinations

When it comes to choosing an Air B&B or hotel, the more picturesque the better. Always aiming to get the most out of every trip, I love to seek out lodging, restaurants, and shops that look and feel different than they do at home in Maryland.

One of the most cherished traditions my husband and I have created is going away for Valentine's Day weekend. This year we headed to NYC and stayed at the Nomo Soho, a stylish boutique hotel that matches New York's energy of endless possibilities. From the rainbow heart graffiti dining room to the library-themed bar, this hotel encompasses the magic of the city in a single building. Here are my top 5 favorite parts of staying at this hotel!

Nomo Soho Entrace

1. Entrance

Walking through this breathtaking secret garden looking entrance at nightfall felt like we were in a light show! During our stay we noticed shoppers and tourists from all around were coming to take photos in front of the hotel.

Tip: The best time for a photo here is early morning or during lunchtime. This spot was typically filled to the brim, but the peak eating times provided an emptier path. A clear background provides a view to do this spot justice!

2. Dining

We enjoyed Saturday brunch at the hotel's NOMO Kitchen Restaurant. The food & drinks were delectable.

Tip: When dining at a bustling tourist destination, get in and out with having all your food and drink orders ready. I knew I wanted to try two of their cocktails during our meal, so I ordered them both when our watier greeted us. This way we were able to enjoy our time without worrying about flagging down our server in the bustling brunch time rush.

3. Modern Aesthetic

Self-proclaimed "Nostalgic & Modern", this boutique hotel is just as enchanting as it is stylish. Peep the royal blue walls, ceilings, and floors!

4. Customer Service

Our room temperature was off when we arrived, and we were swiftly taken to an alternative room. 5 Star Service from the entire staff all weekend.

5. Location

SoHo, a neighborhood in Lower Manhattan, has enough must-see spots to fill up an entire weekend’s schedule. Instead of spending time stuck in traffic traveling from one Burrough to the next, focus on seeing the sights of one small area rather than tackling an entire city.

Listed below are the most memorable spots we enjoyed that are all walking distance to The Nomo!

Top Spots:


See The Colorful Sights of Soho

Find out more about Nomo Soho on their website or Instagram page.

Do you have a dreamy Insta-Worthy hotel suggestion? Let me know in the comments below!


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